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R.I.P. Good Times by Sequoia Capital

date Mar 8, 2020
authors Sequoia Capital
reading time 1 min
category blog

Our take

  • Manage what you can control
    • spending
    • growth assumptions
    • earnings assumptions
  • focus on quality
  • lower risk
  • reduce debt vs and vs siebel financials

  • Strong business model
  • focus on core value proposition
  • profitable growth
  • trim fat during lean times
  • tailor sales message to environment
  • take advantage of competitors’ weakness
  • understand your true customers

Recovery will be long

Increase challenges

  • M&As will decrease
  • Prices will decrease
  • Acquiring entities will favor profitable companies
  • IPOs will continue to decrease and will take longer


  • Must-have product
  • Established revenue model
  • Understanding of market uptake
  • Customers’ abilities to pay
  • Assessment vs. competitors
  • Cash is king
  • Need for profitability

OPs review

  • Engineering: Decrease headcount for next version
  • Product: What features are absolutely essential
  • Marketing: Measuring and cutting what’s not working
  • Sales & Biz dev: Getting return on expense Increase
  • Pipeline: Real probabilities of closing deals
  • Cash burn: Where can payments be deferred?
  • G&A: What departments are essentials